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World Students's day

Published on 15.10.2021

World Students’ Day is a celebration of multiculturalism, diversity, and cooperation among students.

World Teacher's day

Published on 05.10.2021

Every year on October 5, the world celebrates World Teachers Day to highlight the responsibilities, rights, and the value of teachers.

World Heart Day 2021

Published on 29.09.2021

Made by the World Heart Federation, World Heart Day educates individuals all throughout the planet that

World Pharmacist Day

Published on 25.09.2021

Pharmacist day is observed across the world on September 25. World Pharmacist Day Theme for 2021 is

The International University Sports Day

Published on 20.09.2021

The International Day of University Sport (IDUS) is celebrated on September 20th of every year.

Engineers Day 2021

Published on 15.09.2021

To commemorate the birth anniversary of the great Indian Engineer, Moksha Gundam Visvesvaraya, India celebrates September 15.

International Literacy Day

Published on 08.09.2021

Every year September 8th is observed as International Literacy Day. Literacy Day is celebrated to remind the international.

Why You Have to choose Paramedical Courses

Published on 30.04.2021

In the wake of the COVID-19 worldwide pandemic, it has become very clear that we are living in the midst of grave medical services inadequacy.

Why Time Management is Important

Published on 26.04.2021

It is well-known fact that Time and Tide wait for none. It appears to be that there will never be sufficient time in the day.

Hotel Management: What is it all about?

Published on 19.04.2021

Hotel Management is all about the management which is related to the hotel industry. Hotel Management as an academic..

Costume Design and Fashion: An Overview

Published on 16.04.2021

India, which is the focal point of materials and handiwork businesses, has now gotten a focal point of development in garment and fashion design..

What You can with Tourism & Travel Management Degree

Published on 12.04.2021

Tourism and Travel Management is everything that is part of the hospitality industry. It is a multidisciplinary field that includes..

Is Visual Communication a Good Career?.

Published on 09.04.2021

Visual Communication is known as the way to communicate ideas in a graphic manner that is more efficient..

Move Ahead to become a Successful professional In your Career.

Published on 05.04.2021

After completion of your graduation instead of joining a job, it's better to identify the skills set of the individuals that better matches ..

Psychology: Need of The Hour

Published on 02.04.2021

Taking care of health is important. People tend to give more importance to their physical health while leaving out the importance of mental health..

Critical thinking in the development of Students

Published on 26.03.2021

Previously education was tied in with retaining or mugging up information and rehashing it as and when required..

Maker Learning - Is It A Learning Revolution?

Published on 19.03.2021

One of the major human drives is the necessity to create. This is something that goes back as far as the Stone Age,..

Is Adaptive Learning Future Of Next-Gen Studies?

Published on 15.03.2021

With the huge spread adoption of adaptive learning tech, there have been improvements in the ways students learn. Adaptive learning..

How Genius Hour Can Make Your Classroom More Enjoyable?

Published on 12.03.2021

Most educational institutions place a huge emphasis on implementing advanced technology to teach students, especially related to the latest..

Importance of Project-Based Learning in Today's Educational Field

Published on 08.03.2021

Gone are the days when you expect students to sit silently at their desks and soak up all the information thrown to them by..

Career counseling works for student development

Published on 05.03.2021

Having a direction is important in life. Just think about it. You are planning to go somewhere and as soon as you get out of the house,..

Brain Based Classroom

Published on 27.02.2021

For many years, teachers have made students learn all the things concerning academic subject right from art..

Goal Settings

Published on 17.02.2021

Goal setting is considered as a powerful tool and process for shaping your ideal future and for motivating yourself to..

Effective Tips = Crack The Interview

Published on 12.02.2021

Once you are done with your UG/PG course, it’s time to set your eyes on your dream job. The world is evolving every day and it is becoming more..


Published on 05.02.2021

Brainstorming is known as a group activity or creative technique used to find a solution to a problem. Brainstorming is..

10 Steps To Overcome Your Exam Nightmares

Published on 04.02.2021

1) Create Your Own Timetable

You know the subjects you have to work on. Based on it create your own realistic timetable for all..

Why Physical Education is Important

Published on 20.01.2021

Once you are done with your UG/PG course, it’s time to set your eyes on your dream job. The world is evolving every day and it is becoming more..