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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Cheran College respects your information and preserves it securely. Information provided by you during the utilization of the website in the form of email, feedback forms, and other communication will be utilized by Cheran College underlying the terms of the privacy policy. We will never sell or trade your information details to any third party. The subsequent portions state our information accumulation and sharing practices followed by the Cheran College website.

Information provided by you

The details we collect from our website, such as admission registration, queries, and acquiring additional information about the course, will be from the forms you fill. We might also gather your personal information if you encounter an issue with our website utilization. We may also determine the correspondence copies such as email addresses when you intend to communicate with us, participate in the surveys, or other events displayed on the website. If you don't agree with our privacy policy, we request you to avoid utilizing our website services.

Web server log details

When you utilize the website, it is administrated by the web server, and all the log details are recorded in a database. Log details are utilized to determine the statistics, which are used by the web development team and server performance.


Cookies store a file on your computer, which holds the information about the browsing history of you. Whenever you browse our website, we preserve small pieces of information on your computer. If you don't wish to grant permission to store cookies, then we request you to check the web browser documentation. You will not be able to enjoy the full functionality of the website if cookies are restricted.

Types of cookies
  • Third-Party Cookie - Your information is stored in some other domain than the web page you are visiting.
  • Session Cookie - This stores the user browsing activity on the particular session. When the session is closed, then the cookie is deleted.
  • Permanent Cookie - This type of cookies are stored for a specific period and activated whenever the user visits the website.

  • We make use of these cookies to assist your preferences in visiting the website. We store our cookies in your browser, and it remains until you delete them. Certain cookies are deleted when you abruptly close the browser window, and few remain in your computer until you delete.

    Details shared by us

    According to the privacy policy, Cheran College will never share any confidential information provided by you without any prior notification. We may provide the information on certain conditions if there is any legal action taken by the court.

    Security, Maintenance, and Deletion

    Cheran College follows an ethical organization and technical steps for safeguarding details submitted on our website. Safeguarding measures include the storage of information in servers and encrypt personal data. According to our record management policy, Cheran colleges maintain information about our website visitors. Account suspension is subjected to the action of the website development when you are violating the rules of the website utilization.

    Policy changes

    Cheran Colleges holds the holistic responsibility to alter or update the privacy policy at any point in time. When you continue to use the website, it states that you accept the privacy policy of the website.