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Hotel Management

Published on 19.04.2021

HOTEL MANAGEMENT: What is it all about?

Hotel Management is all about the management which is related to the hotel industry. Hotel Management as an academic discipline includes the detailed study of all methodology involved. The world is in a condition of consistent movement. So do humans. We tend to move from one place to another for various reasons. This trend resulted in the growth of the Tourism and Hospitality Industry. It is evident that the Hotel Management sector made the most use of it. Hotel Management holds responsible for the growth of the Tourism and Hospitality industry. The Hotel Management industry is reevaluating the standards of the service industry in the current scenario.

Scope and Career Options

The Hospitality sector is one of the fast-growing industries. The statistics say that the Indian hospitality sector comes next to Information Sector. The hospitality sector is the second-largest employer in the country after the IT sector. It is predicted that in the forthcoming years, this sector will create more than a million jobs in the country alone. Prior, this service industry was not actually viewed as a trustworthy and reputable job profile. But, things have changed today. Many students opt for Hotel Management in the country and started making an impact on it. Lucrative pay, big opportunities have changed the opinion among the students. Hotel Management professionals work in multiple fields. This includes
  • Hotel chains
  • Merchant navy or cruise ships
  • Airlines
  • Catering departments
  • Tourism department
  • Diplomats
  • Government and private organizations, etc.

Below are the most prevalent career opportunities available to hotel management professionals in the industries

  • Accommodation manager
  • Retail manager
  • Event organizer
  • Hotel manager
  • Catering manager
  • Restaurant manager
  • HR manager
  • Travel agent.

Courses offered in Cheran Group of Institutions

Cheran Group of Institutions provides B.Sc in Hotel Management to help students enter the hospitality sector. If you enjoy witnessing cultural exchanges, then you can opt for a tourism management career. Our Hospitality Management Bachelor's degree will provide you with hands-on experience, industry connections, and valuable internships.