Cheran Group of Institution Facilities & Infrastructure


  • Cheran Group of Institutions is designed with world-class infrastructure with complete amenities. Internet connectivity inside the campus configured by information technology supporting improved accessibility to students and faculty members. The student makes use of the internet connection to download and surf research pages required for the development of knowledge. The campus sets high-end security with the CCTV cameras monitored from the main door of the college and a dedicated security professional employed in all the campus locations. A separate Genset is available to assure an uninterrupted supply of power.

  • Cheran Group of Institutions offers well-equipped laboratories integrating the latest technology and tools to achieve a high-quality learning environment. The computers provide the latest software supporting the student to explore technical skills matching standards of the competitive world.
  • Our laboratories are well built and adequately equipped with the advanced tools supporting the research activities. Enhanced lab facilities support the enriched collaboration of theoretical learning with practical experience.
  • The exceptional laboratories of the educational group have received miraculous recognition and applause for the valuable contribution in the research field. This feature makes the college outstanding from the competitors of the education field.
  • The fully spaced laboratories offer a chance to develop the skills of the student by refining their technical skills. Students are assisted in laboratories by the faculty members to experiment with the theoretical concepts that they have learned in the classroom.

  • Library serves as a knowledge center providing advanced value-based education to the student. Our college library comprises information, resources, and services generate learning environment, guides the student with modern ideas, perspectives leading to unlimited career opportunities. The library extends a hand in supporting teaching and research by offering high-end resources that support the academics of the students. College library plays a vital role in developing young minds with extraordinary talents in research and education programs.
  • Our library is completely automated, containing books and periodicals that are updated every academic year. Library books are preserved with a bar code and offered to the student in an automated process. Our college library affords online sources that can be printed and distributed with other devices. The library is composed of a significant group of periodicals, journals, and books for the reference of the students and faculty members. College library remains open from 9.00 AM to 6.00 PM for the benefit of college students on all working days of the college.

  • Our college facilitates ten buses for the transportation of students, staff members at an affordable cost. The transport service reduces the time in transit assisting, the student to reach the campus on time.
  • The routes of the college buses determined by the transport administrator and the parents should consult to obtain the necessary details. The students are picked up and dropped in common boarding points decided by the college authorities. Students should wear their identity cards before entering into the buses.
  • Students held responsible for any damage caused to the buses. Our college reserves the hygienic policy on all activities that insist on the student and staff members not to consume food inside the bus. Polite behavior expected inside the bus during travel time. Cheran college strictly prohibits students from performing screaming or shouting inside the bus. Our institution always assures the safety of the student and staff members during the journey.

  • Cheran Group of Institutions believes the right balance of body and mind of students assist them to do wonders in their career pathway. Sports engage the students to be fit and assist in preserving the healthy mindset to perceive things quickly.
  • Cheran College possesses indoor and outdoor games conducting field events for students. Our institution affords facilities and continuous practice to encourage the student to participate in Inter-Collegiate Tournament as well as Intramural sports.
  • The physical education center establishes constant endeavors for training students in complete sports activities. Cheran Group of Institutions college offers the most beneficial sports training for athletes.

  • Residential Administration

  • Massive care is imparted to offer high-class facilities to the hostel students who reside inside the campus. The hostel is designed located in a superlative background with the carefully crafted gardens makes the atmosphere a perfect location to experience the learning.
  • Deputy Warden administers both boys and girls hostel. Under the deputy wardens, individual residential superintendents are appointed to manage the hostelers on each floor. Residential student council members coordinate activities with the Deputy Warden and periodically sort out the issues raised in the hostel.
  • Students are also afforded with newspapers, magazines, and periodicals to enhance their learning environment.