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International Literacy Day

Published on 08.09.2021

Every year September 8th is observed as International Literacy Day. Literacy Day is celebrated to remind the international community about the importance of literacy for all individuals, community and society and the need to develop a more literate society.

Literacy Day 2021 - Theme

It is important to celebrate Literacy Day for creating awareness among the youth. Due to the Covid 19 pandemic the world has been suffering for almost 2 years, causing hindrance to education and Literacy. Digital media has been a boon in this critical period.

UNESCO (United Nations Scientific and Cultural Organisation) has announced the international Literacy day 2021 under the theme "Literacy for human - centered recovery: Narrowing the digital divide".

The theme is based on exploring the opportunities in learning technology leaving no one behind. Achieving the right of literacy and education should not be left for any individual. Current Literacy rate of India is 74% In which Kerala stands 1st in literacy at 94%.

Covid-19 & Education

Education has been disrupted during Covid-19. Efforts have been taken to reach each individual through technology. Learning of children, young people and adults have been affected. Even through technology, access to learning was not evenly distributed. Due to lack of knowledge about technology and not having availability to any digital platforms many children and student's education has been affected.

International Literacy Day 2021 has taken an initiative to spread the knowledge of technology to every individual. Thus increasing the accessibility and building opportunity to rebuild the literacy teaching and learning.

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