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Costume Design and Fashion: An Overview

Published on 16.04.2021

Costume Design and Fashion: An Overview

"Fashion is Instant Language" - Miuccia Prada


India, which is the focal point of materials and handiwork businesses, has now gotten a focal point of development in garment and fashion design. Costume design and fashion design have little in common other than the way that two of them include the making of apparel. Costume and Fashion have different objectives. Design is very important part in the garments. Costume Design is mainly centered on the apparel materials and the creation of the general appearance. This generally includes researching, planning and building the genuine things from origination. Fashion references to whatever is the latest thing in gaze and dress upward of an individual. Costume and Fashion designing includes making of new designs and accomplices to address the need of individuals with the difference in pattern.


Costume Design and Fashion have wide scope in India as well as abroad. CDF has become a popular course in India over the last few years. Today Indian designers are known for their straightforward yet sharp attire plans and are valued universally. As one of the significant players in the global costume design market and with the widespread selection of fashion trends among the Indian public, the requirement for experts in the field of design is expanding massively in India. Many people have started to consider it as a career option. This is due to various factors. Due to economic opulence, the average income of Indians has increased and spending power as well as increased in turn. People opt to lead a quality life compared to the past and they are ready to spend more on their attire. All of these factors have resulted in increased demand for professionals who can design and make new pieces of clothing, dresses and attires to cater the needs of people from various different backgrounds. Students enjoy a great deal of choices once they complete their studies.
  • The fashion designers currently have different number of choices including research, planning, cloth production and textile designing
  • There are also an enormous number of opportunities in Canada, US, UK and nations in the European Union
  • They are allowed to join clothing manufacturing companies, fashion houses, export units etc
  • The extent of fashion technology isn’t only restricted to articles of garments. It covers numerous different viewpoints like jewellery, accessories, footwear etc.

Trends and Opportunities

In India, fashion industry has become a million-dollar industry. The industry, particularly in India is soaring high due to several brands investing heavily and making influence at worldwide level, thus making costume design and fashion job an exciting and promising career. The industry is highly competitive and steadily changing industry that requires technical information and practical abilities to address the difficulties. This has spurred an increased demand among the younger generation. A few of the employment opportunities and job prospects after completing the course are
  • Costume designers
  • Fashion designers
  • Stylists
  • Merchandiser
  • Fabric buyers
  • Fashion Blogger
  • Fashion model
  • Fashion Curator
  • Luxury brand management
  • Celebrity Stylist
  • Visual Merchandiser
  • Fashion consultant
  • Fashion journalist
  • Fashion show organizer
  • Retail manager
  • Entrepreneur

Trends and Opportunities

At Cheran Group of Institutions, we offer B.Sc Costume Design and Fashion course. It is a 3-year undergraduate course. The course offers both theoretical and practical knowledge to students. The course is aimed at
  • To improve the creative abilities of the students and makes them world-class designers
  • To understand the significance of fashion and designing as a feature of finding out about costumes are important for the designing experience
  • To create in-depth comprehension of textiles, fashion and designing costumes.