The college has meticulously designed all Operation Theatre & Anaesthesia laboratories like Electrotherapy and Exercise Therapy laboratories for the students to have pre clinical practice.

The Accident and Emergency Care Technology course is a four year course which trains candidates in Emergency Medical techniques to become the first responders to all kind of medical emergencies. They are taught knowledge and skills to save the patients with various medical emergencies, within and outside the hospital. Training experience is predominantly in the department of Accident and Emergency Medicine. The Accident and Emergency care trained technicians’ responsibility is to save many precious lives along with medical team with any kind of emergency conditions. On completion of the course, emergency care technicians have good opportunities in multi-specialty hospitals in India and abroad.

Lab Rules

  • Silence should be maintained inside the lab.
  • Students should work only in their assigned systems and they are responsible for the given practice.
  • Chewable items are prohibited inside the lab.
  • If a student damages the system, the expense will be collected from him/her.
  • Students should get permission while entering & leaving the lab.
  • Students should get permission to use equipment’s inside the lab.
  • Students should bring observation notebooks without fail.
  • Scribbling on the walls or computer tables is not permitted.
  • Chairs should be arranged properly before leaving the lab.