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  • Read news about members of the Cheran Group of Institutions who have been recognised for their outstanding contributions to Research, Teaching, or their Academic disciplines, their professional achievements within the sector, their creative endeavours, or contributions to the broader community in Australia and around the world.
  • Cheran Group of Institutions is one of the most acclaimed institutions in India. It has obtained more than 40+ Awards/ Achievements of being a standard academic institution from its inception period. Its awards and achievements speak volumes for its execution in terms of maintaining a quality based education system.
  • Achievements are what you accomplished in the role while an award is the recognition that you received from others to say well done for making a specific difference. Whether an award is educational, work-related or industry-based, they are a shining beacon to highlight the scale of your achievements.
  • The Cheran Group supports the faculty in all the aspects and give very good training which keeps the faculty updated on recent trends and achievements the business and Industry.
  • The students of Cheran College of Allied Health Science participated in various college and bagged the prizes and won the lorals to the institutions.