A separate hostel facility for Boys & Girls are available near the campus. Allied Health Science College Professors are the wardens for Health Science students who will look after facilities and the problems of the hostel mates. The rules & regulations of the hostel should be followed strictly. Cheran campus is lush green campus having trees and lawns to give natural atmosphere which motivates the students and give positive energy. The academic campus, hostel, play ground and recreation facilities are available within this specified acre health campus. The uniqueness of our campus is students can interact with other health professional studying in this campus which might help them to change their personality.

Almost entire hostel is placed and most of them have more than one job in their hands of their choice. The environment in the hostel is very conductive for placement preparations. Each and every hosteller co-operates in the placement activities by helping each other. The group studies give every hostility a very good opportunity to improve themselves in the areas in which they lack. Strict discipline is maintained inside the hostels. Girl students are permitted to leave the campus only with their parents / Guardians.

Facilities Available

  • Modern kitchen equipment has been installed and the food is served in hygienic and sanitized conditions.
  • Purified water (Mineral Water) by RO system in all the corridors and in mess.
  • Uninterrupted power supply
  • Internet and Wifi facility


  • A full-fledged Transport department functions in the college with buses to provide transport facility to students and staff from various places. This service is offered to ensure a hassle-free and safe transportation. The College runs 05 buses for providing transport facility to students from various places. The number of buses will be increased corresponding to the increase in the intake of students.
  • Our college facilitates ten buses for the transportation of students, staff members at an affordable cost. The transport service reduces the time in transit assisting, the student to reach the campus on time.
  • The routes of the college buses determined by the transport administrator and the parents should consult to obtain the necessary details. The students are picked up and dropped in common boarding points decided by the college authorities. Students should wear their identity cards before entering into the buses.
  • Students held responsible for any damage caused to the buses. Our college reserves the hygienic policy on all activities that insist on the student and staff members not to consume food inside the bus. Polite behaviour expected inside the bus during travel time. Cheran college strictly prohibits students from performing screaming or shouting inside the bus. Our institution always assures the safety of the student and staff members during the journey.