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Importance Of Paramedic

Published on 08.01.2021

Paramedical Courses are considered as a job-oriented program. There is been a significant rise of paramedical personnel in the health sector. The landscape of the paramedical course and health care sector has evolved over the years and this in turn increases the demand for the course.

What does Paramedics do?

Paramedics are literally considered as a life savers in difficult situations. They are responsible for handling the emergency situations. The primary duty of them is to save the life of the person. In a nutshell, they are the one’s who provide treatment to the patients who involved in accidents, emergencies or other crisis.

Scope & Eligibility:

Paramedics across the world have evolved. There is a large scope for these courses and is expected to increase exponentially. The scope is higher due to number of job opportunities arising in the current scenario. The eligibility criteria for Paramedical Courses in Cheran Institute of Health and Science is

• Science Background in higher secondary is must
• Min 50% marks in higher secondary.

Courses available in Cheran Institute of Health and Science:

At Cheran Institute of Health and Science, we offer Bachelor, Master and Doctorate courses in Nursing, Pharmacy and Physiotherapy.

Job Opportunities

Paramedical courses seemed to be the most preferred job options in the field of Health Care. The demand for Paramedics has increased owing to the pandemic outbreak. Employment opportunity for Paramedical professionals is increasing day to day not only in India but also in foreign countries especially such as USA, Canada, UK, UAE etc. At Cheran Institute of Health and Science, we provide 100% placement assistance for all of our students & mold them to be successful in their career.