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Psychology: Need of the Hour

Published on 02.04.2021

Taking care of health is important. People tend to give more importance to their physical health while leaving out the importance of mental health. Mental health has become the need of the hour due to the recent disruptions caused to human lives. Still, countries are in the middle of the economic recovery, whereas people are battling out anxiety, fear, and depression. WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION says the single largest illness in the world is depression. 300 million+ people globally suffer from depression. 240 million+ people suffer from anxiety. Covid-19 has brought out the importance of mental health and why it has to be given more priority. Many countries have initiated various programs and started to address this issue to help people recover from their mental illness.

The suicide rate in India:

  • It is estimated that student dies for every one hour, that sums up 28 suicides every day
  • India accounts for 17% of suicide worldwide every year
  • During the lockdown period in India, there are 298 reported suicide cases
  • India ranks 19th in the world and 3rd in Asia for the number of suicides every year
  • The most common reasons for suicide are depression, loneliness, fear, marginalization, domestic abuse.

What Is Psychology

Psychology is about studying people who and what they are. It permits individuals to see more about how the body and mind work through and through. It is helpful in understanding individuals with mental health issues, improving education and working environment and relationships. Psychology can be applied to take all things together on everyday issues.

Psychology In 2021

The recent data and survey show that demand for Psychology courses in 2021 is rising. This is due to the fact that the importance and need of this course are understood. As said earlier, many countries have started to stress its importance. The following are the reasons why a degree in psychology is the right choice for you.

  • Growing need for mental well-being experts.
  • Comprehend human diversity and character types
  • Understand the phases of human development
  • Investigate the captivating universe of the oblivious
  • Learn to recognize serious and mild psychological sicknesses
  • Loads of space for specialization and improvement
  • Incredible professional possibilities
  • Continue to find about yourself

Psychology Course in Cheran Group Of Institutions

Cheran Group of Institutions has introduced a B.Sc Psychology course in SMS College of Arts and Science from the academic year of 202. Great employment opportunities and lucrative pay make Psychology a great career choice.