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How Genius Hour Can Make Your Classroom More Enjoyable?

Published on 12.03.2021

Most educational institutions place a huge emphasis on implementing advanced technology to teach students, especially related to the latest tech and machines. However, certain educational experts have a different view. They feel students should have the freedom in exploring what they like and want to learn. By going after their interest in terms of the latest technology, they can foster brand new skills.

Well, this is where the genius hour comes into the picture. In this teaching practice, teachers can assign some 20% of class time each year (most of the time weekly) for students in pursuing what they want to learn and interest them. By following such self-guided learning practices, teachers end up encouraging students to use the latest technology and be able to meet the necessary state learning standards.

So, What Is Genius Hour?

To put in simple words, Genius Hour is nothing but inquiry-based student-directed learning. It is even called Passion Pursuit, where students can explore the huge wild world that is present around them and that too on their own. This will spike their unique interest in a somewhat loosely structured manner but in a healthy way.

Most of the teachers and professors of various educational institutions like Cheran Group of Institutions feel that Genius Hour is a great teaching idea. It makes sure that students are in control and be able to select what they want to study. Also, they can know how to study various subjects and be able to create or produce the required results. Of course, it is a great learning model that simply promotes research, inquiry, self-direct learning, and creativity.

How Can Genius Hour Be Fit Into Educational Curriculum?

Teachers have very little precious time and they really need to concentrate on making students explore their potential. So, the doubt is how they can really work on the curriculum when there is very little time. One thing you really must keep in mind is that the curriculum for Genius Hour won’t take a huge amount of energy and time.

As clearly stated, Genius Hour allows teachers to give their students a choice in what they want to learn and how it can be learned in a given period of time, and that too within a school day or week. Certain teachers will allow a single class period for one hour each week, while there are others trying to aim for providing an 80/20 rule. Here the 80 percent of the time will be teaching standards-based teaching as well as learning while the 20 percent will be what student wants to learn.

Benefits of Genius Hour

Providing Lifelong Critical Thinking & Creativity

Recent tech meetings and roundups where experts from Twitter, Google, and Pinterest took part, it was found that students should be able to succeed in the dynamic industry. No doubt, there is a huge importance for technical skills but experts feel that one should foster soft skills like curiosity for making a successful career.

Exploration Leads To Technology Usage

The biggest component of future-ready technology is to make sure that students are using the latest tools actively. Here most of the active learning is happening when something is created rather than consuming.

Innovative Method to Achieve Standards

The major reason for the non-engagement among educators is that they aren’t able to meet the required educational standards. With Genius Hour, it helps students to work on various projects that are related to their curriculum as well as interest. The ability to provide 20 percent time in the classroom for Genius Hour is what educators call meeting the standards.

Genius Hour – Gaining More Popularity

Currently, there aren't many schools and educational institutions following the Genius Hour learning model. However, it won’t mean that this model will fade away with time. Indeed it is here to stay and would be the greatest tool to create an interactive learning environment.