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Importance of Project-Based Learning in Today's Educational Field

Published on 08.03.2021

Gone are the days when you expect students to sit silently at their desks and soak up all the information thrown to them by the lecturing teachers. Today’s education system has turned into a new leaf. Now, students have to collaborate, think critically, and work together to create innovative projects and answers to complex questions, For supporting such missions various schools and colleges like Cheran Group of Institutions have started to take part as well as introduce project-based learning (PBL) practice.

21st Century Education

Do you know project-based learning activities allow teachers to expose their students to various latest skills? Most importantly, it allows students to interact with their curriculum like never before, making it more engaging, fun, and authentic.

Project-Based Learning Ideas Teachers Can Follow

Start at the End

Here is where the teacher-prep comes into play. Planning a project starts with keeping the end in mind. You might have to consider various factors like what content your students must understand at the end of the project, what latest skills should students be proficient in, how the new information will be presented to learners, and the list goes on.

It is challenging to come with new methods to present details and showcase the student learning but there are various resources available for it.

Helping Students Create Questions

Once you are ready with the project, just keep in mind that project-based learning will make students hop on to learn on their own. The only activities teachers would need to do are facilitating learning and assist students in the answers to their queries. Teachers must instigate students to ask questions. Then they must try to know what students think about a particular topic. After that, brainstorm and record all the ideas irrespective of whether it is inaccurate or not. Once students have framed the questions for which they want answers, go with the largest content idea first. For getting the answers you could take students to field trips, invite guest experts to share what they know, etc.

Make Students Understand Like Experts

This is one of the project-based learning benefits where students get to hone in on one of the major aspects of their project topic, especially in the one they are interested in. They will find out all the things they know about this topic so that they can share it with others.

Assist Students to Present, Publish & Perform

Now, this is the end as a teacher you were planning for. In the final stage, students must organize the information they have got for sharing with others. This will make them accountable for all the learning they have done to this point.

Wrapping Up

No doubt, project-based learning activities are the best and fun way for teachers to make and engage students to learn.