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Brain Based Classroom

Published on 27.02.2021

Brain Based Classroom

For many years, teachers have made students learn all the things concerning academic subject right from art to philosophy and from biology to geometry and from history to literature. In those periods, various teachers assumed that the best students are the ones who would be paying a huge amount of attention to their lectures and spend a lot of time reading and mugging up all of their homework and assignments. But other teachers often saw that various students were able to respond to a better and more creative means of teaching rather than lecturing, reading assignments, and being able to adjust to the current curriculum. Various teachers were successful in teaching students as well as inspiring them to learn. Of course, there were ones who never even try. In today’s era, students need teachers who are well-versed in their respective subject-matter and latest teaching methods like the brain-based learning method.

Bringing Brain-Based Learning into Classrooms

Consider brain-based learning as a comprehensive approach to instructions. Well, most colleges and educational institutions like Cheran Group of Institutions are planning to introduce such high-tech level of educational studies to their students. With brain-based education, one gets a biologically driven classroom structure. This will correspond to the human brain’s function at various kinds of development levels. Not only that this practice will involve the whole body for enhancing the whole learning process.

Basic theory of Brain-Based Learning

Frankly, the whole theory involved in brain-based learning is the whole-body immersion in a particular topic. Also, there are various tricks and trips teachers can use for promoting natural learning.
  • Teachers and professors of educational institutions must make use of the classroom space for arousing all kinds of senses. Let’s take the example of building a rainforest stimulation right n the classroom. This might be to study the environment and climatic changes in Central America. Just by placing stuffed animals around the forest, children will automatically be able to associate certain species with the theme.
  • Do you know that brain-based learning will help students to easily relax and improve their alertness? Schools are no doubt a challenging environment and it can often produce some stressful responses that might interfere with the learning process. Teachers in brain-based learning would play music, bring some soft scents, and create an environment filled with dim light for promoting a stress-free learning environment.
  • Through brain-based learning, people will be able to stimulate the whole social skills and even improve the overall experience. Not only that people can easily be able to retain and have a better understanding of the whole concept as and when they use social skills. In the brain-based learning, one can easily set up workgroups in the room for facilitating discussions.
  • Another feature of brain-based learning is that it makes studying more challenging. Here the more hands-on and complex the teaching assignment is the better would be the cognitive stimulation.
  • Final Verdict

    No doubt, brain-based learning is a great tool for promoting easy and best education among students. Here one can set up a learning folder for each student where the past work assignments can be maintained. Plus, it provides ample scope for students to keep their past tests, artwork, and elements related to the learning process.