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Why Physical Education is Important

Published on 22.01.2021

The number of non-educational activities among the students is on the rise over the past years. Easy availability of non-educational activities is done in view of students to engage. Despite all this, escalation in electronic products such as mobiles, computers, T.V, and proliferation towards junk foods resulted in students not spending enough on taking care of their health. Physical Education comes into play as a result. Physical Education plays an important and vital factor in all levels of students. Physical Education not only makes the student physically fit, but it also makes them mentally fit. Physical Education helps the students in developing their competence and confidence as well as their competitive nature. As a part of their education, it becomes a central part of their lives. It encourages students to be healthy and it also can be a fun part. Physical Education also helps in developing skills, knowledge, values, attitude for establishing active and healthy life. Physical Education can benefit students in numerous ways such as,

  • Students who engage in sports are able to concentrate and maintain focus, also have a positive impact on their academic life
  • It helps students in improving their teamwork and leadership skills. Playing sports particularly in groups enables the students to form a stronger bond among the fellow students
  • It helps students in relieving stress and anxiety. Students tend to be in pressure situations. Physical activities serve as an outlet for them
  • Physical Education helps in enhancing the motor skills of the students
  • It is also instrumental in developing the confidence in students
  • Physical Education also helps in improving self-discipline
  • Importantly, it helps the students to stay healthy and fit. In turn, it enables the student to a healthy and active lifestyle.

Physical Education in Cheran Group of Institutions

The physical education center in Cheran Group of Institutions provides complete sports training and activities for students. Cheran Group of Institutions believes in the right balance of body and mind of students to assist them to do wonders in their career pathway.